How to: Miracast your Android device screen on your TV via WiFi

How about connecting your Android device wirelessly to your TV/Home Theater set and enjoy your videos, photos and internet access from the luxury of your couch?

Most Android devices (smartphones and tablets) feature an HDMI port. You can use this port to connect your Android device with your TV set via HDMI cable, mirror your device's screen on your TV and ultimately use your device as a Mini Android PC, connected to your TV set.

Miracast is a new wireless screencast standard, which enables mirroring your Android device's screen on your TV set via your wireless local area network (WLAN).

Acting like a wireless HDMI cable, Miracast mirrors your Android device onto your TV screen in high definition and with audio. Once Miracast is enabled, everything -- from the general interface, to apps and videos -- is duplicated on the big screen without the burden of a cable connecting the two devices.

Let's see how Miracast works....

To make use of Miracast, you'll need two things: a Miracast-compatible Android device, and a Miracast TV or dongle.

The Android part is easy. If your device runs Android 4.2 or later, you most likely have Miracast, also known as the "Wireless display" feature.

Now you'll need to set up your Miracast receiver. Though the tech is relatively new, a number of TV manufacturers like Sony, LG, and Panasonic, are integrating Miracast into their televisions. But, unless you purchased a TV in the last year, it's probably not Miracast-ready. Instead, you'll need a dongle.Most of these dongles land in the $40-$60 range, and are really only designed to do one thing: mirror your Android device.

With your Miracast dongle connected, switch your TV to its input. Then, grab your Android device, and go to Settings > Display > Wireless display. (As usual, this might vary a bit depending on your device.)

Turn the Wireless display feature on, and wait a moment while the device looks for your Miracast dongle or TV. When it appears in the list, tap to connect, and a few moments later, you'll see your Android device duplicated on the big screen.

Now you're free to fire up a playlist, watch a movie in 1080p, or let your friends watch you play Candy Crush Saga on the big screen. Just be mindful that although the brightness on your device doesn't affect that of the TV, locking your Android will also black out your TV.

So, if you're watching a movie, be sure to hook your Android up to its charger.

Source: C-Net