George M. Vrachliotis is an IT professional.

He holds a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science (2000) and a Masters Degree in Communication Systems (2002), both from Swansea University, Wales, UK.

Working in IT since 2002, George has 10+ years of professional experience and skills in the fields of System Analysis, Software Engineering and IT and Network Administration. 

During this period, George has carried out various, small and large scale, IT-related projects in public sector units, academic departments and IT companies/businesses, in both team-oriented and self-directed environments, on multiple platforms, using various programming tools and languages, focusing mostly on Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and Java. 

Projects include developing warehouse automation and logistics software, internet and eCommerce applications, as well as embedded systems programming for PDAs, smartphones and interactive television set-top-boxes.

As an IT Administrator, George has worked on eGovernment software systems, online applications and services, web/mail servers, network administration, as well as providing IT training and support to customers, highschool and university students, academic faculty members and administration staff.

His latest research interests include mobile applications development, for smartphones and tablets, using native code SDKs or going cross-platform using web technologies (Phonegap/Cordova, HTML, CSS, JQuery Mobile).

George currently resides with his family in Corfu, Greece. While not working with computers, he enjoys riding his motorcycle along with fellow riders, hanging out with friends, playing contemporary music as a bass guitarist, but most of all, drawing funny pictures, reading stories and playing hide-n-seek with his little daughter :-)

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